Double Dare Ya: Episode 13 - Lilian



Hello there everybody!

Today the dear people at "Double Dare Ya Podcast" aired their 13th Episode, in which I am super happy to announce I am the guest!

In our talk we spoke about a range of topics not exclusively related to hardcore, but for sure all linked. I'll try to be as chronological as possible. 

Here goes a list of links to topics and bands we spoke about, including the Brazilian hardcore scene bands I mentioned and a social project that deserves the highlight and financial $upport. 

Soooo, without further ado... lets go!


xAmorx - First sxe band I got to know. They are from my home town. Because of their flyers about vegetarianism, I became a vegetarian in 2001.

Bulimia - One of the most notorious and important feminist bands of an era, singing in Portuguese. It was the reason why we started “Seqüeladas”.

Point of no Return 1996-2006
São Paulo Vegan Straight Edge seven piece band, influenced by bands like “Earth Crises”. They are the reason why I became sxe and later vegan.


Time and Distance - Brazilian Vegan Straight Edge band which Kat shared stage with in Europe and that I know some of the members in person.


Bands I played:

Sequeladas/Menina Má - 2000-2002

The first band I played. I was supposed to be the bassist (got a bass guitar and was trying to learn for a couple of months prior), but I ended up being the drummer, which is the love instrument of my life. Shout out to the girl that never answered our calls back for the next rehearsals! LoL 

We were called "Seqüeladas" on our "punk music" phase, and changed the name to "Menina Má" after we discovered "Kittie" and wanted to be as bad ass as they are, and tried to sound more "metal". I just found the only two songs we ever recorded and made us a BANDCAMP.


First sxe band I was a member. I was the front person. 2002/2008 with hiatus in between. Spotify.


xDa Próxima Vez eu Mato Vocêx  2006-2008

Vegetarian Straight Edge band with some openly queer/gay members I used to play bass for. 

Eu Matei Pedro - 2009
Feminist hardcore band which we started even if not everybody knew how to play an instrument, in order to go on tour with “To Feel Alive”. I was the drummer.


Como Todo Mundo  2005-2010
Punk Rock Anarchist band I played the drums for.
Band from Chile that “Eu Matei Pedro” went on tour in Brazil in 2009. 

In order to give you context regarding my "Kindergeld" joke:

Usually at Fluff Fest you can see a majority of German citizens among the audience and the cars parked there. Making over 50% of the audience, many of them are on their early 20's.

Child benefits in Germany (Kindergeld)

"All parents in Germany are entitled to benefits to offset the cost of raising children. The German social security system provides various benefits, tax allowances and deductions that families and single parents in Germany can take advantage of.
Child benefit (Kindergeld)

The child benefit is a monthly payment given to all parents in Germany, regardless of their income, to ensure that their children’s basic needs are covered. The German child benefit is provided by the Family Benefits Office (Familienkasse) at the Federal Employment Agency.

Who can claim child benefit?

German and EU citizens are entitled to child benefit, as long as your place of residence is in Germany. "

"According to Section 66 (1) EStG and Section 6 (1) BKGG, child benefit in Germany has been € 219 per month for the first and second child, € 225 for the third child and € 250 per month for each additional child since January 2021."
Font: Wikipedia

In comparison, as mentioned in our talk:
As of January the 1st 2021, the Brazilian minimum wage for a worker that according to Brazilian laws should work 44 hours a week (yep, not 40 hours) is "R$1.100,00", which is worth 176€ on today's exchange rates.


Pizza Youth 

Vegan Pizzeria based in São Paulo by two members of "Time and Distance", therefore 50% black owned. Follow! Support! Send love!


Meninas Hardcore 
2000-2009 (Hardcore Girls in English

Garage Feminist Record Label and Festival I used to organize. Last Festival edition was in 2009. 

 - -

My vegan recipe book debut: 

- -

Ratos de Porão”  1981 until nowadays. 
One of the oldest punk bands from Brazil. “Ratos de Porão” front person and his wife feed hundreds of people daily with vegan meals, since the Covid health and economic crises started in Brazil. 
People that are living in horrible life conditions due to the pandemic, as well as unsheltered ones, once the Brazilian economy it’s more than ever in a collapse. 
The project it’s called “Solidariedade Vegan”, or “Vegan Solidarity” in English. 
People can donate via PayPal, so they can keep doing their great humanitarian work. Any pocket money you might have it’s really welcome and appreciated! 
(Please identify the donation as “Solidariedade Vegan”)
In Portuguese: link for the monthly donation subscription option.
Video campaign with lots of artists speaking in English:


What I've been listening to recently:

Dying for It
Home gold! West Coast/US based hardcore band, which I am proud to share is the second and third release of  "My People Records". 
Anti-Colonial Vegan Straight Edge Band based in Chinook Territory. I have slid in their DMs (email) to try to bring some of their releases and/or merch to this side of the globe, but they might be too busy.


End It
Baltimore’s busiest hardcore band at the moment. Straight forward lyrics. Every song will make you wish to stage dive.


Hardcore band based in Denver/US, which happens to have the front person as one of "DDY Podcost" hosts. Their concert at Fluff Fest in 2019 was cool AF!

📷Stefano Marotta
Was love at first play. The kind of band I still dream of being a member some day. Always makes my little mosher heart beats strongly. Sometimes I even cry. So nice bangs!
Amazing Brazilian hardcore band that started in 1989 and was active until somewhere on early 2000's. I wish there was more of their discography on Spotify. They inspired generations and definitively opened my eyes to injustices and prejudices I was a subject of myself. I am emotional closer to their songs in Portuguese. They inspired a few generations of punks and hardcore folks in Brazil. 

Bellow a video of them playing at "Verdurada's" first edition. "Verdurada" was a vegan sxe/drug free festival, gathering bands from all over the globe, with the goal to promote veganism and to have a festival tobacco and alcohol free.  This festival edition was based in São Paulo, but other collectives did the same in different states.
Also from 1989, was the first crust band I got to know that would have a woman fronting. The lyrics are amazing! Inspired me a lot until nowadays!

Melodic vegan anarchist band from Germany that who knows how I ended getting to know before I ever thought I would visit Germany. They ended in 2004. I loved the melody from the beginning and never fully translated the lyrics. Still they make me cry. It was insane at the tome to me that a band could talk about important topics to me, without playing metal hardcore. 

When I first got to know European hardcore/punk bands, they were mostly Dutch. Makiladoras really impressed me and thaught me the meaning of their name. Eye opening outside my comfort zone. 

Bikini Kill
Game changers for the feminist rock scene. For the music in general. For fucking everything! "DDY Podcast" name it's inspared by one of their songs. Most of all the Brazilian feminist punk hardcore bands were inspired by them. 

Team Dresch
If representation had a name. All lesbians found their place in alternative music after them. The love songs.. the wish to have their lives and love normalized. You excuse me, I need to grab some tissues. 

Philippines gold! Active for nearly two decades already! Hopefully one day I can bring them to this part of the world. Their songs are all bangers! 
Yes you are right. During the interview I nearly mistaken their name and said "Machinegun Kelly". I was tired! haha Japan you know, THEY NEVER GO WRONG! Those are veterans! Go pay respect and stage dives!

And that's the end! Thank you all for reading until the end! Shout out to Kat and Sarah! Long live "DDY Podcast!"