My People is a Hardcore/Punk Label with the goal to highlight bands with BIPoC, Woman and/or LGBT*I Queer people primarily. Also hosts a Podcast that covers from old gold bands to newbies. The Podcast it's in English by a non native speaker.

Based in Berlin | DE
Black immigrant woman run by

MY PEOPLE exists to highlight the representation we miss in hardcore. A counter-cultural music scene with a massive majority of white-cis-dudes. How many times we asked ourselves if we belong here? How many times we felt discouraged to start a band or project, when all we see around are people not like us? But are we alone? Or we simple don't see people like us because they don't make it to bigger independent labels/distros and their following social media? 

I believe the hardcore scene "isn't to everybody". In the sense that all we do is for love, for something we believe, for something to be described as a "passion". Almost like your grandparents going to their religion's temples on weekends. But instead we attend gigs, we sing along with our favorite bands, we camp under whatever weather condition in far away festivals, we open our houses to "strangers" and, depending on our privileges, we may even cross countries or continents to repeat it all again, over and over. All this without earning a single cent. In fact, this life will consume a lot of your time and finances... AND WE LOVE IT DOING AND DON'T CARE!

But we are tired of just being the audience, the viewer. We have things to say, to complain, to denounce, to laugh together about. And we want to hear from people like us too. I want to also hear from people like me, MY PEOPLE. 

One might ask themselves what brings a "BIPoC, Woman and/or LGBT*I Queer" person to get connect with a scene like this one? Well, punk gives you this, the chance to express yourself, to be yourself and easily D.I.Y. whatever you feel like expressing yourself. But don't let history and white washing tricks you... wasn't for "Death" and "Bad Brains" among others, we probably would not even be having this conversation.

My People's name is inspired by "ZULU's" album called "My people.. hold on".






This is for the outcasts
This is for the outcasts, rejects, girls and the queers
For the downtrodden women who have shed their last tears
Fighters, psychos, freaks, and the femmes
For all the transgender ladies in constant transition, cast out

Outcast stomp
Outcasts, do the outcast Stomping, slashing, moshing, taking, scamming, stealing
Bad-kid day drinking, fighting, cheating, never believing
Losing every day but we'll never be defeated Plotting our revenge on society
Plotting our revenge on the boss
Plotting our revenge on our enemies
Plotting our revenge on them all Outcast stomp
Outcasts, do the outcast stomp
The freaks are coming
The freaks are coming
The freaks are cumming, oh

Takeover, takeover, takeover
Takeover, takeover, takeover